Mariden Terms and Conditions


-round trip transportation from Canadian gateways

-airport taxes and fuel surcharges based on current fees as printed in your program (subject to government or airline changes)

-breakfasts and dinners or lunches unless otherwise stated in the program and lunches on cruise ships

-accommodation in hotels in double or triple rooms, (quad in North America)

-entrances to the sites as stated in the program

-airport transfers and inter-city transportation as per program

-Mariden Tour Director

-4 or 6-bed cabins on the night train (if applicable)

-triple or quad inside cabins during the cruises for the students

-double inside cabins for the chaperones and adult travellers

-single or double outside cabins for an extra charge

-4-bed inside cabins on the overnight ferries (single, double or triple for an extra charge   

-guided tours as per itinerary, subject to restrictions beyond Mariden control such as seasonality, closing times, holidays, strikes, traffic conditions or inclement weather.


For youth groups (0-20 years of age), Mariden offer Manulife "all inclusive insurance".  If the group leader declines the insurance, for the whole group, and it has to be sent to Mariden in writing.  

Adult travelers (over 20 years of age) are subject to insurance companies age chart.  


Passport fees, visa processing costs, taxes regulated by the government (unknown at the time of agreement), drinks with meals except for common drinks with breakfast, optional tours, local transportation not specified in the itinerary, and adult or single room surcharges.

Mariden is not responsible for a visa if required. For all non-Canadian passport holders, it is the traveler responsibility to get the information if the visa is required.


Mariden is only responsible for acts or omissions of its office employees.

Not for acts of individual(s) not employed by Mariden such as: airlines, bus companies, cruise companies, restaurants, hotel employees, local guides or any other agency, company or individual.

Mariden can not be responsible for delay or cancelation of the flights or any other public mode of transportation.

If the flight is delayed or canceled, thre is the airline responsibility to cover eventual cost related to meals or hotels.
Each tour begins with departure from your designated gateway and ends on arrival at the same gateway. Mariden's responsibility for Land Only Program (LOP) when travelers organize their own flights, begins upon your arrival at the designated hotel and ends at checkout at the final hotel of the tour. Mariden is not responsible for events beyond its control including and without limitation, acts of God, war, strikes, government restrictions, flight delays, loss of your airline tickets, loss or damage to luggage or any personal belongings, Mariden is not responsible for any accident which occurs during your absence from scheduled daily activities, or if you disobey the guidance from your Tour Director with respect to the local way of life. While abroad, you are obligated to respect foreign customs, in a courteous and considerate manner.

(i) If traveller (s) conduct jeopardizes the group’s schedule or Mariden’s ability to send future groups to a location or venue, the said traveler can be sent home at their own expense and no refund for “unused services” or additional costs will be issued.
(ii) If any member of the group damages property, those of hotels, they will/can be charged for the damages at the said members' expense.
(iii) Group Leader (s) is responsible for checking the rooms upon arrival and before the group’s departure. 
(iv) Any use, or trafficking of non prescribed or illicit drugs during the trip will result in immediate expulsion from the trip at said traveler’s own expense.

Each participant can withdraw from the tour at any time prior to departure. Mariden must receive the withdrawal by a said individual(s)in writing from the group leader or from the traveler in case of adult tours. Allow at least 45 days for processing the refund.


Deposits are non-refundable. If you or your group leader find another person who will replace the canceled traveler there will be no extra charges.  Change of name is possible before the date of ticketing. Late replacements are subject to seat availability, current airfare and $300 replacement fee.

Cancelation Fees:

130 days or more prior to departure: refund less the down payment and $900 + deposit to the suppliers + insurance fee (if purchased)

100-129 days prior to departure: refund less the down payment +$1300 + deposit to the suppliers + insurance fee (if issued)

70-99 days prior to departure: refund less the down payment and $1600 + deposit to the suppliers + insurance fee and cost of the ticket if already issued.

40-69 days prior to departure: refund less the down payment and $2500 + deposit to the suppliers + insurance fee and cost of the air ticket if already issued

0-39 days prior to departure: No refund will be issued

For the organized groups, cancelation has to be send by the group leader in written. We can not accept the cancelations by the phone.

Refunds during the tour: There will be no refund for any missed or unused services such as excursions, meals, no show on the site, or transportation or accommodations.


After your tour organizer confirms travel plans with Mariden, you will be informed through your group leader and group log about the payment policy.

Information about the payments, number of payment installments, payment deadlines and late payment fees will be posted in your group log.

Mode of payments:

Student groups: Interact payment  (price as printed in the program)

Adutl groups: Interact payment (price as printed in the program)

                      cheque payment (1,5% processing fee will be ad to the first payment) 

                      Visa or MasterCard (please add 4,5% merchant fee on each transaction)

Cheques should be sent by registered mail to Mariden International, 8 Glenora Pointe, Edmonton T5N 3Y2

Airport taxes and fuel surcharges are based on the current fee at the time the group receives the program. They are regulated by the Provincial and Federal Government, the airlines and the airport authorities in Canada and abroad.

Foreign departure taxes are based on fee in local currency and presented in CAD$. In case of negative exchange rate before the ticketing, the difference will apply.
The final amount will be given to you through group log, min 15 days prior to your final payment. Potential higher airport taxes and fuel charges are not ground for cancellation of your trip.

If the country or cities which are on your itinerary will impose the new additional taxes which were not known to Mariden at the time of your booking, this amount will be add to your final payment (city's hotel taxes, government departure taxes, VAT, IVA, MWST, etc)

Late payment fee:

Late payment fee is $150 for each missed payment, and it will be ad to your instalment

If final payment is not received 15 days after your final payment date, Mariden will remove your name from the group list and cancel your flight reservation

Communication with the travelers:

All important information related to the travel program will be posted on group log. Information about the log password will be given to the travelers from their group leader.

Please be aware that after you receive the log information, you have to go to your group log documents in the next 3 working days. To avoid any miscommunication Mariden staff will not supply any information regarding your specific tour over the phone.

Passport & Visa information

Please make sure that you have a valid passport. Please note that Immigration requires passport holders to have passports active and not expire less than 6 months after you have returned from your destination.  Neither Mariden or the travel supplier can be held responsible for travel documents not being issued as a result of personal documentation not being received on time. We suggest to you to make a copy of your passport (page 2 and 3) and keep the copy in your possession. We also suggest to obtain a copy of your birth certificate which would help in case of a lost passport.


Each traveler is personally responsible for obtaining information regarding visa requirements and procedures.

Rerouting the Itinerary-price change:

In case when the country(ies) or citieds are listed as "no-safe" on Canadian Foreigh Affairs - Travel Advisoey), Mariden have right to re-route, adjust or change the itinerary, keeping the same duration of the trip. Eventual higher cost is not a ground for cancelation. 

Price of the program is based on the minimum number of paid participants printed in the program. If the number of paid participants will be lower then predicted, Mariden will offer to the group leader several options:

-adjustment in the price

-shortening the trip

-adjustment in the program (itinerary). program. The final decision of your group leader or the organization is not a valid reason for cancellation.

If (before the departure or during your trip) any of the countries or cities becomes unstable and if particular world events create a safety concern, Mariden reserves the right to reroute your program. If there is any additional cost involved, (train, bus, ferry, air fees) Mariden staff will discuss this issue with your group leader and you will be informed about the eventual cost. 

Price change: 

Price increases are permitted if the final number of participants in the group is lower then predicted as the base for calculation. If the total price increases more then 10%, the customer has right to cancel and obtain a refund except if the increase is due to an increase in GST/PST/HST


Mariden cooperates with reputable and known airlines on their regular flights. Mariden does not provide charter flights except on request.

E-Ticket Name Change:

Mariden will inform the customers through their group leader and through the group log, about the name list closing date. After this date, any name change is subject to the new airline ticketing rules. Any changes in miss spelling of traveler's name will be subject to the airline rules. Please be aware that miss speling fees are between $300 up to the full airfare fee.

Luggage fee: Before the trip, please check if there are any changes or new luggage fees imposed by the airlines.


Mariden organizes your stay in centrally located hotels only. You will be informed about hotel names through your group log 
Accommodation is based on two or max. three travelers per room, except in North America where accommodation is based on four per room. 

Adult Supplement:
The adult supplement is required due to the higher entrance fees to the sites and museums., and has to be paid with your second payment. 

Accommodation on night trains will be provided in T-4 or T-6. If the number of group participants does not correspond with the number of beds per cabin, group leader has a choice to: 
a) pay for not used (empty) beds upfront (approx. $ 200 per bed) 
b) accept unknown travelers in the cabin 
c) mix the gender of students in the same cabin Double sleeper compartments on night trains will be charged according to the rail rules

Departure dates:

For the groups which book their program over a year before the trip, group departure dates will be known to the travelers not later than 345 days prior to departure

For the groups which book their program in less than 350 days before the trip, their departure dates will be known 30 days after their deposit 

Canadian History

Canadian History

On the footsteps of Canadian heroes in WWI and WWII. Trace the steps of history's soldiers through the sands, the beaches, the fields, and the cities they traveled while winning the freedoms we enjoy today! Paschendale, Vimy Riddge, Juno Landing Beach, Ortona, Montecasino, Agira Cemetery,

Adult Group Tours

Adult Group Tours

Sailing the Adriatic Sea on Private Charter Yacht - Tuscan Towns with cooking workshops, and Parma Prosciuto & Parmigiano Cheese - Greek Islands Cruise - Walls  of Dubrovnik (Game of the Thrones) - Argentinian Patagonia & Cape Horn Cruise - Australian Red Desert & Barrier Reef

England & France

England & France

Our England and France tours include the best  tours that have been put together from years of experience responding to every group's desired itinerary.From medieval Edinburgh and Irish castles to London and from Paris to French Riviera Provence and Dordogne. We have it all.

Central Europe

Central Europe

From Ancient Roman to Medieval Castles, the Vienna Boys choir to the crystal blue water of Adriatic Sea. You can see everything including traces of the Berlin Wall, Auschwitz, and the wonders of the Plitvice Lakes. Tip: Ask for your tour to include the amazing walled town of Dubrovnik.



From the sites of "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" to the "Seven New Chosen Wonders of the Ancient World".  Some great sites to explore with Mariden: Masada, Petra, Petra, the Roman city of Jerash. Palace of the Grand Master, Celsius Gate, Temple of Artemis, Palace of Knossos and many others

The Americas

The Americas

From Maya sites in Central Mexico to amazing Inca city of Machu Pichu. From the rain forest in Costa Rica and Panama to Uper Amazon  in Peru and Brazil. From the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio to Boca tango dancers of Buenos Aires. Mariden offer the best selection of Central-South American tours 

Asia - Pacific

Asia - Pacific

Exotic is a word that captures places like China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Visit the panda sanctuaries in Sichuan, fish with cormorants in Guilin, ride an elephant in Chiang Rai, explore the Angkor Wat Temples, visit the Barrier Reef, or taste a Crock BBQ in Ayers Rock.

All Tours

All Tours

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Tours in French

Tours in French

Variety of educational trips to destinations where French language is dominant. Visit some great countries and regions like:France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Martinique, Guadelupe, St. Lucie and the Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick.

Music Tours

Music Tours

March Choir and Orchestra Music Festival in sunny Croatia.March and April performances in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Greece.June and July choir festivals in Baltic Countries, and Austria Jazz workshop in Brazil.

Biology & Eco Tours

Biology & Eco Tours

Biology and Eco section cover programs in Central and Sounth America, Australia and South Asia.Tours require reasonably fit travellers